Our Jeweled Crowns

      We offer unique hand-jeweled crowns in silver and gold, inlaid with a variety of stones. A selection of precious and semi-precious stones are available in a cabochon or pavilion setting. In addition to the aesthetic value of gemstones, there is an added benefit of a color change in the sound. This is not as unusual as it seems.

      All players are aware that a gold flute sounds different than a silver one. Each material has a different density and so vibrates at a different rate. It is this difference in vibration rate that changes the quality of sound. With gemstones, there is a subtle but evident change.

      For many years players have experimented with different crowns by hollowing them out or adding weights. This will change the vibratory rate and hence the tonal quality. Depending on your instrument and style of playing, a gemstone crown can darken or brighten your sound. Some players use our crowns all the time in place of their original crown. Others choose to use it only when playing in certain groups. For instance, the sound you strive for in an orchestra would be different than that for a jazz group.