Headjoints: An Overview

  Why headjoints? It used to be thought that there was a magical combination between the headjoint and the body of a flute as purchased from one of the major companies. Despite the shortcomings of the particular combination that one received, people learned to play their instrument as is. Most players now realize that the synergy between the flute body, the headjoint and the individual is something to be arrived at with the same attention that ones gives to tone and technique.

      McKenna Flutesí research has made this easier. We've taken practical input from many players that has led to the range of designs and materials used in our line of custom mouthpieces.

      By concentrating on headjoints it has been possible to develop them with the versatility to suit all makes of flutes as well as the flexibility to accommodate both students and professional.

      As a new concept of flute sound and flute playing is emerging, many players are realizing that the difference between a good sound and a great sound is in the headjoint.