Silver Headjoints

      Sterling silver is the preferred material for most professional flutists. It has a wider harmonic spectrum than gold, and blends smoothly and musically. Our mouthpieces are individually crafted to exacting specifications. Each headjoint is voiced to produce a greater quality of projection while still maintaining a completely focused tone in all three registers. It is possible to diminuendo to a shimmering whisper or command the full authority of a true forte. Our designs offer a very strong, dense low register and a middle octave which is secure and does not crack. The third octave is full and rich, never becoming thin. These headjoints have the varied and expressive response that modern flutists are looking for.

      Silver headjoints are offered in two thicknesses; .014 and .016. The consensus is that .016 is a bit more resistant and .014 vibrates more freely. Silver headjoints are available in
five styles: Alpha, Arcturus, Bellatrix, Capella and The Platinum Edge. In addition, the silver headjoints in all five styles are available with gold or platinum risers and gold lip plates.












Gold Lip Plate on Silver Headjoint