Gem Stones
Available on Custom Crowns

(C) = 16 mm cabochon
(F) = 6 mm faceted stone

Some prefatory remarks on the metals…

Highest energy conductor. It is very healing and energizing. Sometimes used to open the third eye. Excellent for leaders and teachers. Edgar Cayce said that gold rebuilds the nervous system. It is a great balancer of the heart chakra and this is why gold has always been the great alchemical link with man. Gold is said to symbolize the universal spirit in its perfect purity.

Gold Cabochon Crown

Gold Faceted Crown


Also a good conductor for gems, silver creates an easier flow of conversation. It is associated with new beginnings. Also, it helps to release unwanted feelings and habits. On a physical level silver stimulates nerve-sense activity. It amplifies all thoughts.

Silver Cabochon Crown

Silver Faceted Crown