This is the science of causing various media to vibrate and observing the resulting patterns and shapes. It was invented (and developed quite thoroughly) by
Hans Jenny. Chladni had previously demonstrated similar shapes by bowing on a metal plate with iron filings distributed on its surface.

      Jenny made this into a true scientific discipline to study wave phenomena. Using powders, liquids and semi-solids he developed pioneering photographic techniques in order to document his meticulous experimentation.

      The underlying nature of sound is fascinating and quite surprising. The existence of platonic shapes, organic-like shapes and kaleidoscopic patterns reveals a hidden structure that adds substantially to the understanding of sounds and how different sounds combine with each other. Such work led to the healing application of these principles by Dr. Peter Guy Manners. The work of Rife and Tomatis also followed in this line of thought. Exceptional videotapes and books on Cymatics have become available. For more information contact:

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