And now, a discussion of the gems…
Agate (C)
A form of chalcedony named for the Achates River in Italy. Valued by many ancient civilizations and found with the stone age man in France (20,000 BCE). Moss agate is transparent with plant inclusions. Tree agate is translucent with plant inclusions.
Almandine-Pyrope (F)
This lovely garnet has been treasured for thousands of years. It was once thought to cure fever and promote good health, and it was worn for protection when traveling. Over the years this deep red stone has symbolized many things to many people including fire, faith, truth, grace, constancy and fidelity. Garnet is Latin for pomegranate. This refers to both the deep red color and seed-like crystal formation.
Amber (C)
Amber is an organic gem formed from the hardened fossilized sap or resin of ancient pine trees. It often contains bubbles, fracture lines and inclusions of small plant or insect fossils. Amber has been prized and used for centuries,. The name comes from the Arabic anbar or ambergris, denoting its peculiar electrical properties. Some believe that amber relates to electromagnetism, chi, and etheric power. It spiritualizes the intellect, opens the brow and emotional chakras. It has been used to renew wedding vows, to seal oaths and to protect warriors. Amber is considered an androgynous gem and is often associated with cycles and longevity.
Amethyst (F)
Purple quartz used to ease stress and bring peace of mind. It also enhances psychic insight, greater acceptance and trust and offers attunement to feminine energies. Amethyst balances intellect with vitality and is also a good balancer for kidneys and the adrenal system. According to Greek legend, amethyst was created by Bacchus as he poured wine over a maiden mistakenly turned to stone. It has been known as the stone of sincerity. Amethyst can assist us to transform from one level of growth into another in various areas of our lives.
Aquamarine (F)
Ancient Greeks believed this stone held the essence and spirit of the sea and that it would protect them at sea, from seasickness, and provide courage and a strong will. To the early Christians, aquamarine symbolized harmony, happiness, innocence, youthfulness and purity. This stone reduced fear and the inability to express oneself which translates into inspiration. It can strengthen the liver, spleen, thyroid and kidneys and augment the thymus gland's activity. Aquamarine helps to develop a greater clarity of mental perception.
Aventurine (C)
A pale green stone composed of grains of quartz and small mica crystals. The ancient Chinese prized green aventurine and carved the imperial seal from this material. They refer to this stone as "Yu" and held it in higher esteem than green nephrite jade. In ancient Tibet, aventurine was used for improving perception and creative insight. They also used it to alleviate skin diseases and make a person more independent. Aventurine assists in emotional tranquility and a more positive attitude toward life. It also stimulates opportunity and motivation and has been used in traditional cultures to promote leadership abilities. It also helps to open the throat and heart chakras.
Black Onyx (C)
A type of chalcedony composed of small quartz crystals and opal. It is a popular stone in modern jewelry, especially for men. Said to intensify the mental and emotional levels and helps to balance them. It can banish grief, enhance self-control, stimulate the power of wise decision making and encourage happiness and good fortune. Some believe that it stimulates hearing and higher inspiration.
Blue Topaz (F)
Symbol of the sun and its' power. Its inner radiance dispels darkness. Traditionally used to balance the emotions and calm excessive passions. Edgar Cayce said topaz could be a source of strength when dealing with life's problems. It can relax the body and activate both the seventh and the third chakras. Topaz helps to rejuvenate or rebirth the self in a spiritual context.
Bone (C)
Bone represents the earth and our connection to it. Bone signifies strength. As a natural material bone can amplify the life force.
Carnelian (C)
A type of chalcedony whose red color is due to the presence of iron. It was often used for insignia seals because it won't stick to wax. Commonly worn for good luck in the Near East. In Roman times it was used to protect against envy, fear and rage. This mineral stimulates analytical capabilities. It helps to awaken ones inherent talents. It is used to produce inspiration from and connectedness with the spiritual worlds.
Charoite (F)
Pronounced shar-oh-ite, this is a deep purple stone interspersed with quartz and manganese. Today, it is used as a symbol of universal brotherhood/sisterhood. It stimulates the crown and sixth chakras, balances the analytical and intuitive nature, and alleviates fear of high plane experiences.
Chrysoprase (C)
This lemon yellow stone seems to glow from the inside. According to the 11th century Byzantine manuscript of Michael Psellius, chrysoprase was believed to strengthen vision and relieve internal pain. In medieval times it was used to promote presence of mind. Traditionally, chrysoprase eases gout and eye problems, enhances insight and alleviates hysteria. There is more mental serenity and adaptability and hidden talents can be awakened. Today it is thought to produce great inner strength, purify the home and the environment and it can work to eliminate negativity from within a person.
Citrine (F)
A type of yellow quartz generally used for the solar plexus and throat. Its yellow color is due to the presence of iron. Helps with emotional needs, low energy or mental fatigue. Greeks and Romans used citrine as protective talismans against depression and to promote lightheartedness and joy. Today it is still used to promote optimism and dispel fear. Also, it was thought to aid digestion and cleanse toxins from the body. Often used for prosperity; it has been known as the stone of wealth. It expands and stimulates mental focus and endurance and aids intuition and wisdom.
Green Topaz (F)
Ancient Greeks called topaz the stone of Strength. During medieval times, topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death. This beauty reflects the original Sanskrit meaning of topaz; fire. Its inner radiance dispels darkness. Traditionally used to balance the emotions and calm excessive passions. Edgar Cayce said topaz could be a source of strength when dealing with life's problems. It can relax the body and activate both the seventh and the third chakras. Topaz helps to rejuvenate or rebirth the self in a spiritual context.
Hematite (C)
A lovely iridescent black iron ore stone. Surprisingly, when ground it is red and this explains the origin of its name "hema" meaning blood. It has also been called "black diamond". Ancient Babylonians engrave hematite seals which have been found in their inflammation and for ornamental objects placed in their tombs. At times, hematite has been used to increase self-esteem. It is an excellent stone to ground an individual to the iron ore of the earth's core. For mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge.
Iolite (F)
The violet stone. It helps one to change "painlessly", the change being toward spiritual growth and enhanced illusion. Iolite is useful to stimulate visions. Facilitates an acceptance of responsibility to the self. It enables one to release discord and helps one to enjoy each moment. Iolite assists in awakening to the inner knowledge waiting within.
Jade (C)
For many centuries, jade has been associated with music. Traditionally used in China to strengthen the body and increase longevity. It is associated with five virtues; courage, mercy, justice, modesty and wisdom. Confucius said that jade is a reminder of the integrity of mind and soul. Among the Mayans and Aztecs, jade was the stone of magic, meant for priests, kings and gods. Jade brings harmony and accord to the environment, transmutes negativity and instills resourcefulness. It is used as both a dream stone to release emotions during the dream state and as a fidelity and devotions stone to help one remain focused on one's purpose. Jade generates unconditional love.
Jasper (C)
A heavily pigmented form of chalcedony colored with various minerals. Jasper is a stone representing the elemental man. Fancy Jasper has been used to promote practicality. In other aspects it is similar to leopard jasper. Leopard Jasper's variety includes many different minerals and patterns. It is known as the "supreme nurturer". Jasper was often worn by shamans to provide protection. It assists one in connecting to the third chakra. Jasper protects against negativity and helps one to be grounded to the stability of the Earth. Red Jasper's hue is due to iron oxide. It protects against external stress as well as general protection. It protects the throat chakra. Red Jasper also helps one to remember aspects of dreams that could be consequential in one's life. Yellow Jasper stimulates general tissue regeneration throughout the endocrine system with a particular focus on the thymus and pancreas. It is also said to bring feminine energies into balance.
Lapis Lazuli (C)
A beautiful dark blue stone composed of lazurite, pyrite and calcite. Its name comes from the Arabic for sky. In the Bible, the ancient Hebrews used this stone in the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest. Egyptians were particularly fond of this stone and powdered it for use in cosmetics, medicines and paintings. They also believed that it was sacred and buried it with their dead to protect and guide them in the afterlife. Lapis lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan for more than 6,000 years. It is believed to be helpful in meditation and helps to develop inner discipline; good for overview and it strongly affects ESP. Specific for the throat and thyroid. Lapis lazuli is a stone of true friendship.
Malachite (C)
This copper mineral features a characteristic banding pattern and a rich green color. The Egyptians used malachite as early as 4,000 BCE for amulets, jewelry and powdered for eye shadow. It is associated with the energies of chlorophyll and green plants as well as the healing properties of copper. It works with the feminine aspect and strengthens the circulatory system. Another surprising aspect is its ability to protect form radiation. Many aviation personnel wear this stone for protection.
Moon stone (C)
Often known as the traveler's stone; it protected traders and merchants from the perils of the sea. Today, this stone is still considered sacred in India. Their tradition holds that moon stone is symbol of the Third Eye and clarifies spiritual understanding. This etheric white stone helps to level moods, cleans the lymph system and stimulates the pineal gland and visions. Some believe it slows cancer. Edgar Cayce said moonstone brings peace and harmony and pulls the individual towards spiritual things. It is often considered a woman's nurturing stone.
Mother of Pearl (C)
Activated dreams and creativity and is excellent for color consultants.
Paua Shell (C)
Paua shell is prized for the beautiful highly iridescent mother-of-pearl nacre that it produces. This dynamic blue product of the sea has traditionally been used to stimulate creativity and imagination. In addition, it contains the energies of the sea.
Peridot (F)
Helps to free the mind from envious thoughts and to establish emotional tranquility. Activates physical and spiritual sight. Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy and is sometimes called the stone of friendship. Traditionally use to help heal a bruised ego, lessen anger and prevent jealousy. Steiner said peridot activates physical and spiritual insight.
Quartz (C,F)
Traditionally, quartz crystal was said to harmonize and align human thoughts, emotions and consciousness with the energies of the universe. Clear crystals are said to be the total of all colors of the rainbow, good for clarifying the mind and bringing energy and light to all endeavors. This is a "stone of power" which provides for purification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Quartz is an energy amplifier and conductor and can be used to amplify body energy ads well as thoughts. Best all purpose crystal, especially for healing because it contains the basic pattern of the Divine Plan. Its crystalline structure perfectly mirrors that of DNA.
Quartz with Black Tourmaline (C)
See Quartz and Tourmaline entries.
Rhodochrosite (C)
This rose colored gem stone is a calcite mineral that contain calcium, iron magnesium and/or zinc. It wasn't known to the modern world until World War II when it was rediscovered in an Inca mine. Thus it earned its common name of "Inca Rose". The most loving and calming stone, it is said to work directly on the heart and can seal tears in the aura or astral body. It balances trauma and stimulates forgiveness and can also be used to balance intellect with intuition. Rhodochrosite generally strengthens self-identity. Very useful for handling external negative influences. Excellent for leaders, lecturers and organizers.
Rhodolite (F)
A lovely red garnet that aligns astral and etheric bodies. Especially good for the lungs and skin. May also be used to alleviate general nausea during detoxification. The name Rhodolite is Greek for rose stone. Rhodolite assists in the illumination of intuition. It can initiate the rise of the Kundalini and can support the use of this energy throughout the body. This mineral helps to guide one during times of contemplation, balancing peace and solitude with harmony and activity.
Rose Quartz (C)
A lovely pink quartz that rarely occurs in crystalline form. The soft color comes from titanium and other inclusions. Rose quartz has long been associated with the heart and beauty. It has the ability to work on the cellular level and operates for the overall well-being of the individual. In addition, it is an effective way to ground out the physical energies for general health. Rose quartz also aids harmony in the heart and assists in its opening. This stone is cool, calm and loving. Good for both self-love and universal love.
Smoky Quartz (F)
Usually formed within 20 feet of the surface of the earth by the activity of the sun. It is the best transformer of the quartz family on the physical level. It is best for those whose physical development has lagged behind their spiritual growth. Also helpful in emotional clearing, alleviating fears and resolving all negative emotions into a positive flow. This stone is thought to be capable of divine and clairvoyant inspiration.
Sodalite (C)
The name of the stone refers to its sodium content. Sodalite share many of the properties of Lapis Lazuli as it is a component thereof. It is commonly mistaken for Lapis because of its similar appearance. This rich blue gemstone very rarely includes pyrite inclusions and it has large amounts of sodium from whence it draws its name. Said to help open the third eye and be useful in intuitive work. Sodalite stimulates the body's metabolism and helps release subconscious fears and guilt. Courage and endurance are stimulated.
Tiger Eye (C)
This stone is a variety of quartz with very fine, similarly oriented fibrous inclusions. Tiger eye aligns the base chakra with the brow chakra, linking understanding to t higher purpose. It is helpful for those who must bring myriad details into focus. Tiger is very practical and can help to ground an individual. It resonates to the frequency of the Earth. It can eliminate the "blues" and can bring brightness and optimism to the user. Tiger eye help to balance both hemispheres of the brain, bringing awareness to perception.
Tourmaline (C)
Has a great electrical affinity for the heart. It is composed of veins of stalks similar in structure to a plant. The creative energy flows these pathways much like plant energy. Tourmaline is also used for circulation difficulties on any level. It creates peace in your heart and helps to strengthen love for all of creation. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into a positive flow. Black tourmaline works on the first chakra.
Turquoise (C)
This soft opaque gemstone is admired for its sky blue color and has a long and cherished reputation. It has been found with 7,500 year old Egyptian mummies, as trade beads in Mesopotamia (Iraq) 5,000 years ago and has been discovered in burial sites from Argentina to the southwestern United States. The blue color is due to the presence of copper and iron sometimes provides green tones. One of the first gems ever used for jewelry, it is known as the "Stone of Life". It is a master healer. It strengthens the heart and lungs as well as general life energy. Circulation is improved when wearing turquoise. It promotes emotional healing and balance. Turquoise improves meditation and peace of mind develops.
Unakite (C)
Unakite consists of mainly pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz. It can be used to enhance visions on the ethereal plane. It brings ones consciousness to the present and acts to balance the emotional body, bringing it into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality. It can be used to help one get at the root of a problem and to release the events hat started the difficulty.
White Topaz (F)
The Stone of Fidelity. Symbol of the sun and its' power. Its inner radiance dispels darkness. Traditionally used to balance the emotions and calm excessive passions. Edgar Cayce said topaz could be a source of strength when dealing with life's problems. It can relax the body and activate both the seventh and the third chakras. Topaz helps to rejuvenate or rebirth the self in a spiritual context.