Materials & Experimental
      Research in materials has always been an important part of McKenna Flutesí journey. The dynamic flexibility between density and other variables has been a thread that I have pursued. The making and playing of mouthpieces of similar design and dissimilar materials has allowed me to get a good grasp on the underlying principles. This in turn is reflected in our current designs. Materials I have used in my research are nickel, brass, titanium, lead, wood, phenolic, paper, paper mache, bamboo, rhubarb, PVC, ABS, graphite, acrylic, terra cotta, porcelain, lead crystal, quartz and more.

      In other experimental areas I have tried to create the widest possible variety of flute sounds by altering size, tapers and geometry. This has led to completely new inventions and important variations on a theme. I have created headjoints that fit onto a standard flute in the Native American, ba-wu, shakuhachi, and whistle designs. Inventions include whammy bar, electronic and sitar headjoints.

Experimental Flat Top Headjoint

Experimental Native Headjoint

Experimental Porcelain Headjoint, 1

Experimental Porcelain Headjoint, 2

Experimental Square Headjoint

Experimental Volcano Headjoint

Experimental Wood Headjoint