A Short Biography of Chris McKenna

      Chris McKenna, president of McKenna Flutes, Inc., is a flutemaker and inventor. He has designed and manufactured professional flutes for more than 20 years. Founder of Gem Headjoints, Inc. and co-founder of Weissman-McKenna Piccolos, Mr. McKenna continues to research and develop new products and processes for these companies.

      He enjoys working with sound to create non-ordinary states and reveal mind-body relationships, as well as researching applied physics and acoustics; he leads lectures and workshops around the country in these and other subjects.

      Chris has worked on many historical instruments, contributing to his interest and research into different materials. Among the specialty products he has created are quartz crystal flutes, porcelain headjoints and piccolos, exotic material flute headjoints, and MIDI flute controllers.

      Mr. McKenna is also a composer and musician. He studied with John Moses, Jimmy Meyer, Andre Lizotte, and with members of St. Louis and Boston Symphonies. He also attended Interlochen Arts Academy and Berklee College of Music.

      Chris continues to make innovations in material sciences and acoustical design, striving to create new instruments and devices that vibrate in unique and useful ways.