Our Mission Statement

      The aim of McKenna Flutes, Inc. is to produce a modern flute with the sweetness and nuance of yesterday’s favorite instruments. We are happy to offer these quality flutes in a price range accessible to more players—with a true intent that gives them a very special feel.

      Each flute is crafted by a single individual and tested by our rigid quality control standards. Advancements in our tool designs enable us to assemble parts without the degree of hand fitting needed by other manufacturers, allowing us to produce a handmade flute with greater precision at a more affordable price. Our unique designs and assembly methods work in concert to deliver a carefully balanced mechanism; and because we approach each instrument as a work of art in its own right—we are always mindful of aesthetic details.

      Full commitment and total involvement in the creation of each and every instrument—nothing short of these beliefs can help us continue to meet our most important objective—producing the right flute for both serious students
and working professionals.