The Weissman-McKenna Piccolo

      I developed an interest in the piccolo while working for several of the major companies. This little flute continues to be an area of research and interest. The problems of creating matching D's, production of high B, and a dark tone quality remain the greatest challenges in creating a great piccolo. We believe we have overcome those challenges in producing the Weissman-McKenna piccolo.

      In addition to the refinement of bore tapers, tonehole design and the mechanism, our research led to Organic Fiber Fusion. This is a proprietary process that enhances the instruments projection while giving it a richer, fuller sound. This process fuses the fibers and makes the wood impervious to moisture—allowing us to take advantage of non-traditional woods.

      We apply the same innovation in our piccolo headjoints as in our flute headjoints.

      All of this adds up to a peerless instrument that possesses a haunting tonal quality, matching octaves, and a flawless scale. We think you will agree its sound and playability are an absolute joy and a welcomed addition to the piccolo world.