Porcelain, while a vitreous material, has an open lattice structure that vibrates differently from most crystalline structures. The distinctive timbre of porcelain is woodier and softer than the conventional flute sound. It recalls a tone similar to instruments of the Baroque era. This lush sound of the porcelain headjoint projects surprisingly well.

      We make two styles of headjoints in porcelain. The first is similar to our Traverso wood design. It is a large diameter tube with no lip plate and an elegant tapered design. The feel of playing this headjoint is similar to that of historic flutes.

      The second style has the appearance of a standard silver headjoint. It has a thinned tube and a modern lip plate. This headjoint combines the porcelain sound with the playability of a metal mouthpiece.


Experimental Porcelain Headjoint, 1