Who We Are

 McKenna Flutes, Inc. was founded in 1994. With the many flute choices already available to players, why introduce a new flute to the market?

      We have always believed that each flute is like a voice. No matter how many singers make themselves known to the world, every so often we discover a new singer who can heighten our sense of sound, color, projection, and emotion.

      McKenna Flutes was formed to bring forth a new voice, to explore the hidden mysteries of the flute, to allow each player to "sing" in their best voice—to enhance each flutists’ musical journey.

      This has led to work in both the traditional groundings of the flute, that is to say, the old school, and the innovative, experimental, and openly offbeat.

      And in truth, one of our greatest challenges has been to marry the traditional to the forward-looking. Just as velcro is a spinoff of space exploration, we have had many products and ideas develop from our unique approach to flute making. One of these developments is the highly popular Gem Crown. Another is the wide variety of materials and styles used in our headjoints.

      Currently we are researching the development of low flutes such as the contrabass and double contrabass flutes; such research continues to improve and inform our flute making as a whole.

      Our inspiration comes, in part, from keeping our sites on the 21st century, which we see filled with flutes of all sizes and configurations, melding the best of ancient and modern approaches to evoking the beauty of sound.