Wood Headjoints

      The lush beauty and depth of wooden headjoints is well known. It recalls the origins of flute playing. The sound is earthy with some of the warmth and huskiness of an alto flute sound.

      There are two styles of wood headjoints to choose from:

      The Traverso style is similar to early flutes with no lip plate. The wood is tapered to reduce the weight creating a louder, more projecting sound.

      The Wedge style starts with the basic profile of the Traverso model. In addition it is carved on each side of the embouchure hole. The lip plate allows the player to position the embouchure. The front edge cutaway improves articulation and dynamics.

      Wooden headjoints are offered in a variety of different woods and each is made with attention to their intrinsic tonal qualities.

The Wedge (Wood) Headjoint